Sep 23rd 9:00 PM
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Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh

I love having new characters so much.  I wish I wasn’t so freaking listless all the time the past few days or I would be drawing you guys tons of interactions of these guys.  I also want to build on Chimera too.  And I realized this means that I need to get competent and drawing horses OH BOY.  I got a bit better at their heads during the summer, and I found one of my old figurines and a book on different breeds and anatomy from when I was a kid that should be helpful.  I also need to look up how yurts pack up for transport.  Nnnn.

Oh, and everyone being dressed in monotone for the Childrens’ Fable isn’t just for the kids.  That’s the way the majority of civilians dress in the setting.  Also, Anansi’s coat is specifically set up so that she can button it up and cover her colorful shirt and necklaces, because one of her skills is passing as a not terribly noticeable person while bluffing or gathering information.  That’s also the reason why she doesn’t have any cool Ashanti face paint, though I might give her some little symbolic tattoos on her arms.  They might just be drawn on with marker though.  They’re just kids.

Also, in addition to bluffing, Anansi is a great storyteller (though sometimes Pan gets all stage hog-y) and tells a bed time story to everyone most nights.

The gameplay would be less about going from battle to battle and more often finding ways to sneak around.  There would also be a lot of importance placed on resting each day and appreciating things that are beautiful.  It would be cool if the player could choose to neglect to spend time on these, and therefore cause more mental instability among kids.  There still would be confrontations though, especially as the kids leveled up.  I’d love to have situations where Anansi is running along a rooftops, giving directions to everyone down in the alleys as how to best outwit their foes.  I’d want to rely on cleverness and balance over just tanking through.  I guess that kind of mentality comes from being someone with generalized anxiety disorder.

Sep 23rd 4:13 PM
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I admit, I have a have bias towards playing as Anansi and forming a close bond between her and Aladdin.  But I have a lot of love for the seemingly carefree Pan and all too empathetic and kindhearted Tin Soldier.  Also, since, like I said, this is not something that will ever be made, it’s just an exercise for me and something fun.

Sep 22nd 10:21 PM
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Ugh, I’m all messed up.

Because my sleepiness and appetite being all messed up, and I no longer have daily structure like working at CSMA, I’m ending up kinda all over the place and not shower and getting dressed until the afternoon and only eating one or two meals.  (I’m also really trying to conserve funds right now)  -sigh-  Usually my energy level and appetite would regulate me somewhat, but they’ve been all messed up since spring, and additionally so since the surgery.  That being said, everything is healing nicely and I’m still keeping my apartment clean, doing laundry, dishes, and stuff.

But my lack of art making means that I feel horribly unproductive.  I think maybe I need to work on not tying my self worth to my art quite so much.  I know it was the raft that kept me from committing suicide for so many years, but things have changed and I need to stop stressing about art and just enjoy it the way I do once I get in the middle of a piece.  I love art and rationally understand that it’s okay if things go wrong, piece doesn’t turn out well, will never be perfect, or if I need to start over.  Maybe I’m just emotionally fixated without realizing it, because for so long it was the only way I could convince myself that it was worth and it was worth it to suffer through another day of academic struggles, bullying, aching loneliness, and self-hatred.  Maybe that’s what I need to teach myself.  I should talk to my psychologist to see what he thinks.

Oh, I took one of my favorite t-shirts that had a tiny hole and I was going to have to throw out and turned it into a cover for my desk chair to make it more comfortable.  I am thoroughly pleased so far and my re-pourposing of things that have holes and/or stains.  It’s like I don’t really need to give them up.

Sep 18th 7:44 PM
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Near-sighted tricks:

If you’re super near-sighted like me and can’t remember where you left your glasses, because like an idiot you didn’t put them in the place you always do, see if you can’t find a digital camera or smart phone.  You can then use this to easily search for your misplaced glasses, because you can hold the screen close enough that your eyes can focus properly.  (Which for me is less than a foot away, because gosh darn is my eyesight bad.)

Sep 17th 8:07 PM
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Here’s a little Idiot Crossing to help tide you over until whenever I finally draw you your godbeast, Kiki.

Sep 17th 9:35 AM
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Initial concept for Unakite, Jadeite and Citrine’s gem fusion.  I’m probably going to futz with the colors a bunch more later.  : /  Also, Rachel and I decided to give Sunstone a faux hawk.  Because we can.  I love how Sunstone has this slightly rebel look to her, but is actually super positive and zen, where as I feel like Unakite, who is more lady-like looking, would be the more aggressive, wild one.  Also, apparently fusing with Citrine gives you peach hair.  -shrugs-  Just happened that way.

Sep 15th 8:56 AM
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I think your comfort zone is like sleep.

You need regular, good doses of it to keep you balanced and happy.  But you also can’t sleep all day, or you’ll become sick.  You need to get up and challenge yourself.  So don’t feel guilty if you need to take some time in your comfort zone to get back your strength and stability, but make sure to venture out and go on adventures regularly.

Sep 8th 11:39 AM
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Tried doing a couple different environment colors for get a better hang of the show’s palette.  But now it’s off to the hospital for surgery.  I’ll see you guys later!  Turns out the hospital is running behind schedule and they called just as we were about to go out the door, saying that I’ve been pushed back a couple hours.  Bleh.

Sep 8th 9:44 AM
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I’m not allowed to have anything other than clear liquids this morning before surgery, so I distracted myself by coloring this sketch I did of me and my fellow gems a few days ago (back before Rachel told me that she’s planning on changing Diamond’s hairstyle.)  I continue to play with my friend’s designs, making Diamond’s boots a bit more like Rachel’s original design, and tweaking Jadeite’s colors and streamlining her design a bit for easier animation (even though we’ll probably never animate them).  I also gave her a star, because I think Neni forgot to give her one.  All crystal gems that we’ve seen so far have some sort of start.  Amethyst and Diamond have start shaped rips in their leggings, Pear and Steven have clear stars are their shirts, and Garnet and Citrine have hints at half stars in the geometric pattens on their chests.

Anyway, our fan gems continue to be my favorite thing to work on right now.  To my fellow gems:  We should think about our temple, rooms, and where we inhabit.  In the show, our heroines live on the distant side of Beach City.  I have to say that I’m super for us living on a rocky european island and being hidden in a grotto, but I am so hugely up for suggestions.

Sep 7th 11:56 AM
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So, back almost a month ago, I promised one of the little sisters of Elena’s soccer teammates that I would draw her Rainbow Dash as an Alicorn for her while we were bored of watching the game in the off and on rain.  Then I got super busy with moving and CSMA, but NOW I SHALL DELIVER.

Don’t follow my blog expecting more MLP:FIM from me.  I make special exceptions when little kids make requests of me in real life.