Jul 23rd 5:58 PM
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I did a bunch of doodles figuring out everyone’s clothes before I did that one picture of me and my little cousins as Cucumber Quest bunnies.  I like how this one turned out, so I colored for you guys.

Jul 23rd 11:39 AM
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This is not a new outfit for Dreaming, I just wanted to draw it at the time due to what was on my dash.  (If I later recall the username of the person whose watercolor caused this, I’ll link them.)  And apparently I’ve been in a rainbow-y watercolor-y mood recently.  Go figure.

Jul 23rd 11:09 AM
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Messing around with the idea of giving Dreaming short hair more like my current hairstyle, and what I could do with that.  And random parka and scarf due to what had been on my dashboard at the time I was drawing these.

Jul 21st 9:51 PM
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While at the cottage, I started messing around with Dreaming’s design again.  Haven’t reached a decision yet, but I thought I’d play around with my watercolor photoshop brushes a bit on this one.  I think I need to adjust the sensitivity on my tablet pen.  With the stuff I’m trying to do these days, I need to be a bit more finicky about.  I don’t think I’ve played with the settings in years.

Jul 21st 7:18 PM
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A doodle I did of Avari.

Jul 21st 3:27 PM
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I did another one of these, and I’ll probably do a couple more soon.  Little everyday adventures.  Rainy days in Animal Crossing full of colorful umbrellas, lots of thunder, lightening, and torrential rain one night at the house, painting faces for field day at the elementary school, going out to a restaurant with my mom and getting takoyaki for the first time in years and OHGOSHIMISSEDIT (Also the same day that a truck crashed into Simeon’s, killing a young mother who worked there and injuring others.  I hope the orphaned child found/finds a good home, the injured all recover, and the driver is appropriately punished by the state.), starting over on playing Zombies, Run!, getting an ultrasound which discovered multiple gallstones, making lots of animal crossing art, and gathering up fallen sticks and branches from the storm and adding them to the bonfire pile.

Jul 21st 12:17 PM
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Wow, I’ve been trying to get the internet to connect to Tumblr long enough to post some art since yesterday evening.  I finally made it through, so here are some drawings I did while in Canada to help myself get used to using my new brush pen and practice inking.  I’m afraid we’ll all just have to put up with me having horrible internet now that I’m back from the cottage.  (It’s terrible, because now that I have time on my hands and am able to do art, I don’t have decent internet.)  Well, in a few weeks I should be moving into my new apartment, so it’s only until then.

Jul 10th 9:57 AM
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I was doodling crayons and markers with my little cousins the other day. Later I found that Isa had been trying to copy my drawings! So cute! The unicorn must have been a bit beyond her, but she did a good job on Kiki and Gigi.

Jul 2nd 3:25 PM
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My little cousins and I are fans of Cucumber Quest, so I did this quickly of us as if we were characters from it.  Isa is a pearl oyster, I’m a blueberry pie, and Elio is a clownfish.  Last summer while hanging out with them, I showed them the fandub videos of the comic.  Isa really wanted to know what happened next, so we read the comic out loud, casually voice acting all the characters while Elio watched.  When they visited us at the house last week, Isa had us read all of the pages that had been made in the past year.  Elio refused to voice any characters, but he watched us through the entirety of it.

I probably should have spent more time on this to get it to look nicer, but the length of time that would have taken would have felt like an eternity to the kids, so I wrapped it up.

Jun 28th 10:25 PM
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Oh, hey, just to sum things up.

Touching on all my health issues, where they currently stand, and where I want to go on them.

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