Hmm…I’ve been thinking about what to do on the cover of my new black sketchbook.  I’m currently thinking either Aya or an insect like a cicada.  Not sure yet.

Another Ozite sketch.  Fairy Queen Lurline giving one of her fairies, Ozma, to the childless King Pastoria for him to keep as his heir.  Sorry I’m taking so long to color things lately.  There’s just too much going on, and I have no energy.

So, today was the in-class-one-day assignment where we have about 6 hours (plus our lunch break if we so chose to work instead, which of course everyone does) to pick one of the assignments on the board, do thumbnails, get them approved, do sketches, get them approved, and finish the project.  The printing lab was closed for a meeting during the afternoon, so we actually got to work till pretty much the end of class before handing in our final pieces.  Critiques on the fruits of our labor will be next week.  I was in between an assignment for a princess and the pea illustration and this very vague one with only the article’s title: Dreams.  I went with dreams since I thought it would be more fun.  So, here’s just about everything from today. (I forgot to scan the brainstorm list and the thumbnail for what would go inside the dream puddles in three of the thumbnails.)  Obviously, I would have gone into more detail and further refine things given time, but all things considered, I think it turned out well.

Worn out…but not as miserable as usual?

Even though I felt down and dismal the way I usually do after meetings, it seems like I leveled back off quicker than usual?  Things accomplished today: Scheduled doctor’s appointment through nurse, went to doctor’s appointment and got a prescription, met with Mark and found that going for incompletes won’t work, but I might still be able to withdraw from classes and not get Fs if I do a medical withdrawal, and picked up my prescription from the pharmacy so that I can start taking it tomorrow morning.  Things I need to do this week: call my parents and get them updated, e-mail everyone, schedule a sooner appointment with Nayor to talk about the withdrawal, mail a letter to the Realtors to notify them that I won’t be renewing my lease, and clean the apartment.  I bought myself a chocolate bunny as a reward for my hard work.

Now, what does this mean for my classes?  I really don’t know.  I guess I’ll still go to class tomorrow, at the very least to ask Patch if he just wants me to not show up to class anymore.  I’m really worried about my projects…because I still want to finish them…and I’m not sure that I will keep myself to do that once I’m not going to class.  I’ll try to finish them in on my own…because I really do like all the projects I’ve had this year and it’s depressing how none of them have been completed.  At the very least, I can promise to keep sketching.

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Another vent, this one being more passive.

Giving you mood wiplash, here’s a vent from last week when I was really frustrated with how sick I’ve been and how little energy I have, and so ended up wasting almost the entirety of class, because I couldn’t pull myself together to do proper work.

Every so often I need to draw random colorful circus-y stuff.  It’s just cute.

Random cute bird girl that I doodled while still on my Monument Valley high.  She might end up on the cover of my next sketchbook as I am literally on the last page of my current one and should figure out how I want to decorate the next one.  Anyway, I’m going to call her either Merel, Aya, or Claire.  I haven’t decided yet.


Based on that one time Azuki found the two of the standing on the bridge in the rain.  It was such a quiet, tender moment.  I get the feeling that they’re good friends…and that it might, over time, blossom into something more, but even if it doesn’t they’ll always have their friendship.

I am so behind on coloring sketches, you have no idea.  I’ve just been so sickly lately that I have very little energy to do anything, which means that less art gets done, but more AC gets played while in bed feeling lousy.

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