Aug 21st 9:36 PM
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I’d really like to finish the Carol Ann blog by the end of the month.

I haven’t been good about working on it everyday, but when I do I’ve been posting about about a page or two of stuff.  Lots of editing.  I want to do it all properly, but I’m really looking forward to when my attention isn’t so divided.

CSMA is going well.  We’re getting a start on props and sets now.

Still feeling drained by the time I get back and playing a good bit of Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake.  Today I gave a list of webcomics to one of the campers to check out.  I hope she’ll have time to look at some of them tonight and be able to tell me if there are any on the list that she likes.

This weekend I’ll have to go grocery shopping.

Aug 20th 7:49 AM
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I probably should be getting ready rather than coloring this, but it’s frustrating that I didn’t get to get anything colored last night, because I was just wiped out once I got back at 8.  Today I don’t think I have any doctor’s appointments after camp, so I think I’ll be coming straight back and I’ll be able to work on art, stuff for camp, etc.

Aug 19th 10:12 PM
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Second day of CSMA and everything is going well.

I’ve just had appointments afterwards on both days, and today I ate dinner over at my parents’, so I didn’t really get back to the apartment and my script and computer until around 8 PM.  Maybe I’ll get up early and get some stuff done in the morning.  Just so worn out by the time I have free time.  I did get to do a bit of shopping at this one store I’ve been trying to get around to for days, The Art & Found, before my neurologist appointment today.  I got two necklaces and two rompers.  I usually don’t go for rompers, because I prefer dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts, but these are just so classy and ridiculously cute and affordable on top, so I am pleased.  I wore one this evening to dinner and I will probably wear it again at camp tomorrow since I don’t think we’re really painting yet.  It’s an olive color, so it looks lovely with my red hair.

Aug 18th 9:57 PM
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I did Miss Mint as well, since I can’t very well draw Huckleberry without drawing her.  I’m proud of myself for having gotten a bit better at drawing animal faces over the past year.  Bodies still need a good bit of work, but it’s not so problematic when I’m drawing anthropomorphic animals.  I think that’s it for tonight though.  Time for bed.

Aug 18th 9:27 PM
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Wow, I got incredibly de-railed by everything else going on, as far as getting sketches colored.  I have a bunch of stuff from the end of July and beginning of August that I’ll probably gradually get through in evenings after work.  I did some more sketches of my old stuffed animals and how they existed within my imagination while playing as a child.  Here’s Lord Huckleberry trying to have a reasonable discussion with a riled up Miss Violet.

Aug 16th 12:28 AM
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Wearing make-up shouldn’t have to be like covering up.

It doesn’t have to be a shield, it can be a sword.  It’s powerful extension of yourself.  You chose this sword, this specific sword, because it’s a perfect expression of you and you wield it masterfully.

And then some of us prefer barehand combat.  With maybe the occasional dagger on a day where we want a little extra edge.

Aug 14th 8:12 AM
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I just want to take a moment out of my usual posts and what’s been going on with my life to say…

Pay attention to what’s happening at the Ferguson Protests.  I’m a white, middle class person so I’m not going to make any comments, I’d rather you read all the informative posts being made by and reblogged by many socially conscious and humanitarian people, especially those from POC folks who live this every day and have a much better understanding of our country’s problems related to race.  It is important that we all listen/read/watch what is happening, and stand in solidarity with the many people of this country who are marginalized and brutalized on a daily basis based on the color of their skin.

Aug 13th 8:37 AM
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Picture of me going to bed on the first day of moving in versus waking up this morning on the third day. Feeling a lot more positive and I’m sooo happy to have my yellow blanket and butterfly quilt.

Aug 11th 12:44 PM
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Rascal passed away today on the day I’m moving into my new apartment in Ithaca.

Aug 4th 11:46 PM
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Something I drew for my optimism blog, CloudsAndClover while I tinker around with giving it a new layout.