Sep 1st 6:45 PM
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So I scripted and thumbnailed out the next Thought Plain comic

The one I said I’d make about Rascal passing away.  It’s looking like it’s going to be 11 pages long so…uh…it might take me a while to finish.  I’ll probably post it page by page rather than waiting until I finish and posting them all together.

Aug 30th 2:36 PM
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More Calico County.  This time the two forest gods.  A large part of Huckleberry’s duty as lord is to decide how to go about relations with the forest folk (played by my beanie babies).  The two forest gods were to zodiac themed beanie babies with swirly patterns and sparkly bits.  The relationship between the Town folk who are anthropomorphic and wear clothes and the forest folk who wear the land, is an interesting one.  One of the forest folk actually lives with the town folk, and he plays and essential role in helping Huckleberry maintain the current peaceful balance.  Despite the townsfolk all living with and respecting this one ambassador, they still believe in a lot of superstitions about the forest folk, such as that if a townfolk were ever caught alone at night in the forest, that forest folk descend upon them and tear them to pieces with razor sharp teeth, and consume everything down to the bones.

Also, apparently I’m still doing this rainbow vomit thing.  I am so, so sorry.  It just keeps happening.  In my defense, I made the characters considerably less rainbow vomit than the toys they are based upon were.

Aug 30th 11:08 AM
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The other plushie neopet I drew last month.

Aug 30th 10:31 AM
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Randomly last month I felt like drawing a couple plushie neopets, so I did so, and then neglected to ever color them in, so let’s do that now that camp has ended.

Aug 30th 12:03 AM
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Filmed this while walking back to my apartment after the cast party.  Thanks to Nora and her parents for the ride there and to Lilian and her father for the ride back.  All of you campers are amazing and I hope to see you next summer!  Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!

Aug 29th 7:57 AM
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I just realized this morning while freaking out over it being the last day that I was tagged by Mark for a music meme.

"You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your media player and write down the first 20 songs. Rules: No skipping! Then pass this on to 10 people"

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Aug 28th 9:59 PM
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Some concepts I did today for Rachel and I as Crystal Gems.  I don’t know why I drew us both with snide faces in the top two, I just did.  

Anyway, I tried my own hand at designing a version of Diamond since Rachel’s original concept ended up having a very similar silhouette to Citrine.  I also added some yellow to her palette since diamonds often range from yellow to clear.  Diamond’s weapon is probably going to be kicking (that or knives).  We looked up supposed gem magical properties to help decide ours, though Rachel’s is a bit funny because of her last name.  Diamonds are good physically, amplify emotional energy (both positive and negative), and block external negative energy.  

Citrines have to do with clarity of mind and hope and are supposed to help with emotional and health problems. Citrine’s weapon would be bow (from her forehead, symbolizing my very rational side) and energy arrows (from her chest, symbolizing my rampant emotions), utilizing what can be an inner conflict as a guided strength.  

Sunstone is my first concept for Diamond and Citrine as a gem fusion.  We’re still not certain on her weapon, but her personality and strengths come from how Rachel and I support and stabilize each other with both our battles with anxiety and etc.  Sunstones are supposed to lift depression, chase away nightmare, absolve harmful relationships and ward off hurtful people, lessen sense of unworthiness and abandonment, and transform anger into energy and optimism.  She’d basically be a giant bundle of glowing positivity, clear thinking, and precision.  If overwhelmed with anxiety or depression, Diamond and Citrine would destabilize and burst apart again.

Aug 25th 8:03 AM
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A card I made for my mom yesterday in between working on other things because we half celebrated her birthday early last night.  Mice just make me think of my mom because of characters like Reepicheep, Ralph, and Despereaux.  As well as the field mice in The Wizard of Oz and various animal characters of Beatrix Potter.  Anyway, I probably should have worked on CSMA stuff instead time crunch wise, but it will be fine.  And besides, as much as I love CSMA, I love my mom more.

Aug 24th 2:58 PM
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Rachel and I got talking about what we might be as Crystal Gems from Steven Universe.  Rachel is Diamond, which is oh so adorable because of her last name, and I ended up thinking that maybe Citrine would be good for me?  As far as my weapon, I think it would be a bow summoned from my forehead gem (my rational thinking) that fires arrows/bursts of energy from my chest gem (my rampant emotions).  So I did this little thing in my spare time today between working on other stuff to get a start on drawing mine for Rachel as she draws hers.  Those of you who are wondering what’s supposed to be on her hand, they’re…oh, I forget what they’re called.  But they have loops for your fingers that are attached to a strap on your wrist and they protect your fingers from the bow string.  I usually don’t wear them since I have a harder time nocking arrows with them on and just tape my fingers instead, but Citrine, who would nock arrows using her gem, would certainly use one.  Also, I have her a romper a bit like one of my new ones that I really like.

Aug 23rd 1:44 PM
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We received Rascal’s ashes. They gave them to us in a beautiful wooden box, carved with flowers and I photographed them in the little flower garden where he often lay when he became too old to run all day long after rabbits and swallows.

The link above is to a youtube video of just a minute of silence of the box in the exact spot we usually found him in the garden.  Way back in the corner.

Also, if you want, you can see a previous video I made of Rascal back in the December of 2012 when Rascal started having seizures.  It’s just me talking while sitting on the floor of my parents’ living room with Rascal laying next to me.  It’s over here.